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I'm a Morris Graduate School of Management student, pursing my MBA with a concentration in Management and Human Resources. I am also a full-time paralegal specializing in unemployment law. When I'm not working or studying, I'm watching Hockey or Baseball or attending concerts.

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Fall is almost here.

Only four weeks left of the Summer 2 session and then the fall term begins.  The weather is also slowly changing to cooler temperatures, preparing us for the fall season. I am a fall kind of girl. I love the change in weather. Fall also mean Hockey season begins!  Hard works also comes into play with only four weeks left of school. Assignments are becoming more demanding and more stressful. 

I took a reprieve from both school and work by attending a few summer concerts.   On Sunday August 21, 2011, I saw Incubus at Northerly Islandís Charter One Pavilion.  Northerly Island is situated right near the lake and the Planetarium Museum.   It was Mayor Daleyís utilize the deserted airspace Meigís Field and create an outdoor theater.  Northerly Island is the perfect summer venue to see live music.  The lake breeze comes in behind you cooling off the hot summer night while the sky is lit with the Chicago Skyline.  Chicago looks absolutely amazing from this view point.  

The band Incubus gained popularity in the 90ís and has been still going strong. They are on tour to support their new CD If not now, When? this is a different direction from their usual hard rock sound.   Incubus opened up with Pardon Me, a song that put the band on the map and gained them loyal fans.  Through the rest of the night they played their hits like Wish You Were Here, Anna Molly, Nice to Know You, and Megalomaniac.  It was an amazing show, Incubus always put on a great performance and their fans love them for that. 

Prior to the Incubus concert, I attended Lollapalooza on August 5, 2011. I was waiting all summer for this concert and was really stoked to go.  Friday both Muse and Coldplay headlined the night and had to vie for fans.  I remained loyal to Muse and saw them play that night.  They were incredible and they never disappoint.  It was a blast to be crammed next to a few thousand fans jumping up and down to Knights of Cydonia.  I also saw, A Perfect Circle a band formed in the 90ís consisting of members from groups such as Tool and The Smashing Pumpkins. I have wanted to see them for such a long time but never had the opportunity.   After all these years, they were well worth the wait. Their sound was amazing and as well as their musicianship.  Friday night was a great opening night for the three day festival, the weather held out and was perfect.

Any music lover should experience Lollapalooza and Northerly Island.  These venues offer memorable experience to last a lifetime.  

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The Last Two Weeks!

It's the final two weeks of summer session two. The last two weeks of the quarter always seems to drag out. When you think you are almost done and can breathe a sigh of relief, you realize you actually still have one more week left of classes.

The I-Center Entrepreneur Incubator class has only reinforced my appreciation of attending Robert Morris University for offering a great class.

The Entrepreneur incubator class was one I really wanted to take when I first learned of its offering.  I thought this would be a really cool class to take and learn if I have what it takes to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities later down the road.  I think most people dream of being their own bosses and running their own companies but many donít flourish.   I figured this class would help gage if I am capable of pursing something on my own.

From this class, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about myself and about trying to see an idea come to fruition.  As my instructor has emphasized "You" are your greatest asset and when you have a sense of who you are and how you work best, only then can you utilize both your skills and weaknesses to pursue a problem and its solution.

The I-Center Entrepreneur Incubator class took me outside of my comfort zone and really challenged me as a student.  This class also taught me about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to my advantage.

The instructor Jacob Elster, also challenged students and pushed them to want to do their best.  He is also admirable and an example of what a true entrepreneur is through all his accomplishments.  He provides an example of what one can accomplish if you, you use your potential and pursue your ambitions.

What I learned from this class, is that if I have a passion for something, then I need to fight for it to come to fruition and try not to get discouraged by the adversity that presents itself.

I think this is a good class and I recommend it to other students who want to explore entrepreneurship and yourself.

On a less reflective note:

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, I attended the Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp at the United Center.  It was a sold out event with thousands of other excited fans about this upcoming season.  The Blackhawks acquired a few enforcers which the team lacked last year.  Lot of analyst predicts that the Blackhawks look like Stanley Cup contenders this year.  They looked good from their scrimmages on Saturday and Iím looking forward to the start of the season. Pre-season games start September 20, 2011.


Real Life @ RMU


Program: Master of Business Administration Hometown: Chicago, IL Campus: Chicago
To Drop a class or not!

The second summer session is almost over and summer is over.  I have noticed that Chicagoans are gearing up for football season through wearing their Bearís t-shirts, jerseys, and hats.  Most people you talk to are excited about the football season which officially starts on September 11, 2011.   I am personally more excited about hockey season and purchased a few tickets to upcoming Blackhawks games.

Before I could enjoy all the activities fall brings, I had to make a tough decision involving one of my classes.  I had to figure out to ďdrop a class or not to drop a class,Ē before the end of week six.  I went through an internal conflict over the decision. I mean why it is so hard to drop a class. All I have to do is sign the pink sheet your advisor gives you and then itís all done.  It is not as simple as it sounds.  While I was contemplating this decision, I came to the realization that dropping a class is similar to ending a relationship.  I know itís not as dramatic but dropping a class and ending a relationship share similarities.

Let me describe the similarities.

Week One.  Classes begin and there is excitement about starting a new quarter, new classmates, and a new professor. You put on your best face and try to present yourself as smart and capable of handling the work so can find strong group mates. You hope the teacher grades on curve and are good at presenting the material.

Week One to Three of a relationship starts the same way as a new class. There is excitement about the newness of this person you met.  They seem really interesting and you hope that they like you so you are on your best behavior and wear your best clothes.  There seems to be so many possibilities with this person and you are looking forward to exploring them.

Week Two of class. The newness of the class has expired.  What is left is a lot of work and the demand is becoming overwhelming. The material is also more challenging than what you expected.  Week two is also the last week you can drop this class without being financial strained.  You even send your academic advisor e-mails requesting possible help to survive this class.

Week Four to Six of relationships.  A routine is set in place and true personalities of each person are revealed. Parts of their personality are different and it presents a challenge that you are somewhat interested in.  However, there are some reservations about this person. You even seek your friendís advice about the relationship to which they only confuse you even more.  Everyone becomes a Dr.Phil when you ask them about love advice.  You also know deep down that if you donít make a decision now about this relationship, you will pass the window of opportunity to get out or you become upgraded to ďcoupleĒ status.  For women this means doodling your partnerís last name on your notebook or ďpost it notesĒ and coming up with names for their future children.

Week Three to Four of class.  You officially hit rock bottom at this point. You failed the quizzes and exams.  You are still trying to grasp concepts discussed during week one at week four and are falling behind.  At this point the idea of dropping the class seems more appealing. You weigh the pros and cons of dropping the class. So far the pros outweigh the cons except all for one major con.  If you drop this class you feel like you failed and disappointed your family, your teacher and most of all you.  The disappointment is harder to get over than the financial loss.

Week Seven to Ten of a relationship.  Also hits rock bottom. You find yourself busier than usual when your partner wants to make plans. You also find yourself getting into frequent arguments with each other over miniscule things.  Things that in any other situation you would pay no mind to, but now these actions strike a nerve and add fuel to the tension growing between you and your partner.  Arguing over using too much ketchup on your French Fries or that he hid your latest edition of Elle magazine under his Sports Illustrated: Swim Suit Issue. 

Week Five to Six of classes.  You are closer to dropping the class but there is still some inner turmoil about dropping.  You know this will extend your graduation date but you also know if you continue you will mostly likely fail this class.  You also have to drop before week six or it will appear as a Withdraw Fail on your transcripts. After sleepless nights and crying (yes a few tears were shed) you decide to drop the class and e-mail your advisor to schedule a meeting.  You sign that pink sheet and relief washes over you.  Relief and regret.  But you can move on and focus on your other class.

Week 11 to 12 of the relationship. Itís officially over.  There is no salvaging this and you feel like a failure because things didnít work out between the two of you. You know this person is amazing but together itís like oil and water and you donít mix.  Tears are shed along with a few unpleasantries. But things are officially over and you can breathe a sigh of relief or sigh with a heave heart. Now you try to move on and work on yourself for the next person.

So after all this contemplating, I finally dropped my FIN 520 class and decided to work on my math skills. 

If anyone has feedback or additional thought. You can contact me at email or on twitter at @blackhawksgirl0. 

On a side note:  I just wanted to thank my mom for always reading my blogs and being my number one fan.