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My biggest goal in life is to do the best that I can. I am proud that I have made it this far, and I plan on going even further.



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What is the definition of being quiet? In my definition it's not making a sound, no talking, no talking on your phone, etc. But some people think that the rules don't apply to them. Just recently, Metra decided to add a thing called a "quiet car" to the line. At first I thought it was a good idea, but many of us were in for a rude awakening. 

When I used to get on the train I didn't mind the noise, but when I tried to get a quick nap it became a problem. Then somebody came up with the idea of a quiet car. The quiet car would be in the second car from the front and from the back. All you had to do is go in that car and be quiet, hence the name quiet car. But I think a lot of people didn't get the hint even though there are plenty of signs that say what car it is.

When it first came out it was tested on a line that I wasn't on, so I was stuck with people being loud. The next thing I knew a lady was getting kicked off and arrested. I thought to myself that people will never learn. Then the quiet car came to the line that I was on. I thought that things would finally get better. 

At first it worked fine, then people started to get ignorant. People were talking all the time regardless if the rest of the car was dead silent. Then people were talking on their phones like it wasn't anything. Now it's gotten out of hand where other riders would correct other riders, and I can't say it's not funny. But now the conductors are getting involved! 

Overall I think that the quiet car is a waste. Some people will continue to be ignorant and think that they are too grown to follow the rules. Well if no one is going to follow the rules and interrupt my sleep, then neither am I!!

Xoxo bware


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Moving On

Just recently I moved out of my momís house in Bolingbrook and moved in with a friend in Chicago. I think itís a big step for me because Iíve been with my mom for a long time. But to me moving out has helped me grow more, and learn to do things on my own. But I canít lie I do miss my mom from time to time. Going from seeing my mom all the time to almost every couple of days or even a week is hard.

I feel like Iíve been not allowed to do a lot of things while I was at home. I didnít really get to go out a lot and I had a curfew. Now I can do whatever I want but still know I have school in the morning. I have a lot more responsibilities on my own. But in a way, I do appreciate how hard my mom was on me.

My mom helped me to be on time for things. Before I was beyond slow and the biggest procrastinator. She still helps me with things from time to time, but itís not as bad as before. Being at home was fun at times but I feel like I needed to fly. Now I donít really care about the freedom, I just like doing things on my own.

I like my mom being proud, and knowing I did it on my own is even better. I would like my mom to know that Iíll be fine but Iíll always come to her first. We still talk everyday but now sheís more relaxed because she knows that Iím fine. I guess you can say that my mom is moving on more then I am. I guess she realized Iím growing up.

Real Life @ RMU


Program: Surgical Technology Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL Campus: Chicago

When I think of a coach I think of someone who takes time into telling you what exactly youíre doing wrong and attempts to help you fix it. This is also someone who knows what they are talking about and has a passion for that sport. My current Track and Field coach proves to be one of the best coaches Iíve had, ever! She helps me with what I need to improve and helps me to get better and I feel that I actually have gotten better since she started coaching me.

My current Coach is the only coach who I feel has actually taught me something worth learning along with new things. Thereís always something that she tells us that can help us get better whether its something new or old. She also competes with us sometimes, which motivates us to do and be better than before. Sheís very positive and encourages us to come back stronger if we lost or didnít do as well as we should have.

The other coaches that Iíve had in the past or even now were not what I would call a coach at all. Iíve had coaches who would sit on the bench and pout if you are loosing to Coaches who will talk about you to other teammates behind your back. When it comes down to it, Iíve basically had my parents coach me or when I was alone I coached myself. I think that it shouldnít be that way. If you took the job to be a coach then I assume you know what your doing.

Overall I think that my Track and Field coach is the best coach that I have had thus far. She knows how to coach and actually cares about her athletes. I feel that more coaches should be like her and kind of learn from her. Iím honestly glad that I donít have to deal with those types of coaches anymore. And if I ever come across someone like that anything that they say will go in one ear and out the other.