Michael B. Romano | President/CEO | Associated Solutions | ICenter Client

ICP 550, Associated Solutions Re-branding Initiative Graduate Level ICenter Project

"Thanks very much for the report.  It is very comprehensive and informative. Working within a very compressed time frame, your team has done a great job to understand our industry, our company and the issue we are trying to address.  They have presented some compelling thoughts and advice which will be strongly considered as we finalize our strategy to involve techs in our branding initiative. We appreciate this opportunity to work with your team and look forward to an ongoing relationship with Robert Morris."

Joe Vanyo | VP of Operations, United Way Chicago | ICenter Client

ICP 550, United Way Hardware Replacement Strategy Graduate Level ICenter Project

“United Way's partnership with Robert Morris University is a true example of how organizations can and should work together to advance the common good.  In the Fall 2010, United Way had the unique opportunity to coordinate a project through RMU’s ICenter.  During the course of the project, I was thoroughly impressed by the students' methodical approach to addressing our live business need.  The level of thought and research which lead to a set of detailed recommendations truly prepared us for the next stage of our project.  Leveraging RMU’s talented resources enabled us to continue our focus on what we do best; create a network of support for individuals and families that strengthen our communities.”

Chris Yacoumakis | Student | Chicago Campus

ICP 350, ICenter Auto Ordering and Inventory Program

As someone who always looks for a challenge, I decided to try out an ICenter Project.  I always look to extend my knowledge and skill set and the Auto Ordering and Inventory Program through the ICenter Project never failed to exceed my expectations.  I came into this project class with minimal database experience.  At first I was overwhelmed and I thought I brought myself into something I would never be able to complete.  After working with Professor Naresh Nohria, I quickly began to excel my knowledge in every aspect of creating a complex functional database for the RMU Culinary Department.  While not only learning a skill I didn’t have before, I also learned to work with clients and deliver to what their needs were.  I think for any RMU Student that is interested but also intimidated by the ICenter Project class, I advise you to take the chance for a lifetime experience.  You will learn how to be professional in the business field and open your creativity to a project and outcome that has no boundaries.  Don’t forget on how nice this will look on your résumé as well!  So take a chance and apply for the ICenter Project!

Trevor Fitzpatrick | Student | Institute of Technology and Media | Chicago Campus

ICP 250, ICenter Marketing Video Podcast Production

"I feel that the greatest accomplishment that a student can achieve in the ICenter is gaining an understanding of the needs of a business. No matter what industry a person chooses to be involved in, there are numerous common areas of reference when it comes to activities such as devising creative concepts, prioritizing and assigning tasks, maintaining a schedule, interacting with clients and coworkers in an effective and courteous manner, and presenting a satisfactory product. I feel that working with Robert Morris University's ICenter has adequately prepared me for what lies ahead in the business world in a unique and easily identifiable way."

Kim Semes Bitzer | Student | Morris Graduate School of Management | Schaumburg Campus

ICP 550, RMU Investment Firm ICenter Project

"As a beginner in the investment arena, this exercise has given me more insight to the stock market than I would've imagined.  Dr. Lateef Syed (Professor) has taken us on a tour of Chicago Mercantile Exchange and explained the many different ways of trading and their benefits such as trading short sales and options.  The tour gave us the feeling of being a trader in the actual floor of the exchange.  We are looking forward to learning more of the economics of the stock market and the many different tools that we can use to trade with real dollars.  As it stands right now, all the students have gained such so much that each of us are proud of our own portfolios increasing as we move forward with this project.  I highly recommend and encourage any student interested in Finance or even day trading to join us as we are so excited about our next move to be determined by our fearless leader Dr. Syed.  I really feel that other students who are not aware of this opportunity will want to jump on board if they realize how exciting it is."

John Daschler | Professor | Institute of Culinary Arts

ICP 450, RMU Green Restaurant ICenter Project

"One of the main objectives of the ICenter is to integrate as many disciplines within a project so that those involved get a real feel for the real world. This was certainly the case with my project. One of the unique qualities of the ICenter projects is that students must apply and be recommended for a project. This really helped me in structuring the teams with matching the strengths of the students with the needs of the client. There was the typical uncertainty as to who will do what and when in the beginning, however, the students really did work out their differences and became two excellent working units.  As a result of the interdisciplinary cooperation, we were able to deliver to the client not one but two excellent proposals/concepts that could be mixed and or matched to fit their needs. 

Was it a lot of work? You bet, coordinating schedules for students from all of RMU campuses, figuring out new technology, setting up client progress reports, doing the Credentialing evaluations, etc. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! The sense of accomplishment that the students felt when they delivered their final proposals to the client and hearing the client say "You have all exceeded my expectations" was something that as an educator you really live for. 

For the above reasons, if you are approached to take on an ICenter Project, either as a faculty or as a student participant, DO IT!! The work is hard but the rewards far outweigh the work. I strongly urge you to take advantage of this unique Robert Morris University opportunity."

Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton | Owner, Rondinelli Nutrition Consulting | ICenter Client

ICP 250, Marketing Materials for Rondinelli Nutrition Consulting ICenter Project

The RMU ICenter students did an excellent job developing a marketing plan and design materials, including letterhead, business cards and a brochure, for my new business. They were prepared, professional and had great ideas that I will be definitely be implementing. I think it is a win-win for both businesses and RMU. I'm honored to be one of the first outside clients and I'd recommend this service to other businesses.

Michael Barry | Student | Institute of Culinary Arts | Chicago Campus

ICP 450, RMU Green Restaurant ICenter Project

"Working on the ICenter project gave me the opportunity to apply what I have learned at Robert Morris University towards a tangible outcome. It is pretty cool to know that people will be dining in a restaurant that I helped to create. I never thought I would get this kind of opportunity in college. I now have something that sets me apart from all of the other college graduates out there. I have a competitive edge thanks to the ICenter."

Jennifer Forlenza | Student | School of Business | Lake County Campus

ICP 350, Making RooM Feeding Illinois ICenter Project and ICP 550, RMU Investment Firm ICenter Project

"I love the ICenter Projects. I have learned a lot from the first one, Feed Illinois, and now I am going into my second project in finance."

Ilana Milkes | Student | Morris Graduate School of Management | Chicago Campus

ICP 550, RMU Investment Firm ICenter Project

"The ICenter Investment Firm offers invaluable experience for any student interested in developing his/her analytical skills necessary to succeed in the world of investments. By applying technical knowledge and leveraging each opportunity of interaction with peers, professors, experts in the industry and clients, students are exposed to learning experiences that can only be offered through initiatives like the ICenter at Robert Morris University. After working on an electronic simulator for 10 weeks, we will be investing real money using fundamental and technical analysis. Moreover, we will be continuously challenged by the volatility of the market in a globalized environment, while having access to an incredibly essential hub for international and financial development: Chicago. The advantages of participating at the ICenter projects are enormous and, as a student investment consultant, I highly recommend and encourage students to be part of an experience that will give them the possibility of adding value to their careers and lives."

Susan Renner | Student | School of Business | Peoria Campus

ICP 350, Making RooM Feeding Illinois ICenter Project

"As a seasoned professional and non-traditional student, the ICenter project experience has given me the opportunity to utilize my years of real-world marketing and communications knowledge for a very worthy cause."

Marianne Mendes | Student | School of Business | DuPage Campus

ICP 450, RMU Green Restaurant ICenter Project

"The ICenter project exceeded my expectations.  Professor Dashler was always ready to bring forth his many years of expertise in running a business and was outstanding in assisting our team and myself.  The vision of Dean Nancy Rotunno's sustainable, green restaurant is now a reality and will come to fruition in 2011.  All the teams did a great job in putting forth professional presentation.  With the ICenter project I have gained real world experience on how to put forth a business plan for a restaurant.  The implementation of the ideas of our group and the research and guidance we experienced will be pertinent four our professional careers."


Sanjeev Mohip| Student | Morris Graduate School of Management |Chicago Campus

ICP 550, MyPowerScorecard.com Project

"The ICenter project I was involved with was a positive and unique experience.  I had the opportunity to not only work with a start-up business before its product launched, but I was able to have my research, insights, and opinions seen and respected by the company."


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